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A Leading Private Sector Bank in India

Concurrent audit service for Central Processing Centre (CPC) and  Regional Processing Centre (RPC) operations. It covered Retail Liabilities, Retail Assets, Trade Finance, Credit Cards, Wealth Management, Depository Participant & Dedicated Depository Participant audit, etc.

A company into Real Estate Construction Business

Internal Audit Services, Pre Audit of transactions and standard operating procedures.

A payroll processing BPO

SSAE 16/ SAS 70 audit as part of global assurance needs of large linked entity.

A Subsidiary of India’s Largest Car Manufacturing Company

Internal audit of its distribution offices and other related operations

A Multinational NBFC Auto Company

Internal audit around significant process of key functions.

India’s Leading and Largest retail Stock Broker

Risk policy & process review which includes collateral management, limits, margins, surveillance, EOD margins BOD limits, Intraday margins etc.

A Local Search Engine Company

Clause 49 – Corporate governance policies and implementation. It covered code of conduct, whistle blower policy, board charter, ERM, etc.

A Multinational Distributor of Engineering Items

Stock audit and Internal Audit.

A Life Insurance Company with Internal Partner

Compliance review and development of self compliance certifications.

A luxury hotel in Mumbai co–owned & managed by multinational hospitality chain

Comprehensive tax review identifying gaps/ possible incentives unveiled and tax retainership services.

A Listed Private Sector Bank

Internal Financial Controls (IFC) implementation facilitation & control effectiveness testing.

A Medium Sized CPA Firm in US

This CPA firm with 4 years of practice had growing pains of labour cost and time overruns. We have provided our trained manpower that power their growth and deliver on time.

Merger of Firms

Two UK CA firms merged with various accounting and tax practices, timelines and software’s. We were already providing outsourcing services to one of these firm who invited our senior team leader for 4 weeks to UK to catalogue the methods and implement new standardised processes for both the merged firms.

Fast Growing Software Developing Company

“Technoprenuers” around the world typically hate hassle of a large team and further hate babysitting a admin and accounts staff. We provide solutions for the same by deploying, advanced scanning  techniques and mobile apps to capture daily cost, reimbursement, HR and employee payroll issues.

Inventory Solutions

US based supplier of home furnishings and flooring requested us to look at their problems of over inventory but constant shortage of the items in demand. Our analysis provided permanent solutions to above issues and also cleaned up the slow moving item and the warehouse space.

Surveyor Firm - Vehicles and Properties

Managing a team is tough but when there is no fixed office place or the boss/managers also travel, then it is war effort each day. We helped our client reduce divergence from process by creation of help files, checklist, software and mobile app driven delegation and reporting of work.

Workforce Onsite Training

When its summer in India its winter in Australia, when its busy tax season in US, UK its lean period in India. We provided trained accounting and tax personnel on site in these countries.

Stock Broking Firm

Stock broking firm where we were systems auditors for NSE, BSE. We found that lots of customer request for statements and changes not address in a customer friendly approach. We advised the management to set up a remote helpdesk to divert queries and request also attend to their simple needs but make a powerful customer centric organisation which it is today.
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