Team JHS regularly contributes to cutting edge research and undertakes industry studies for the benefit of the professional community at large. The partners and team members of JHS have made notable professional contributions to professional forums such as the IIA Bombay Chapter, Regional Training Institute of CAG, Auditing Standards Board of Nepal, ICAI, BCAS, etc. a synopsis of the contributions is provided hereunder:-

  • The Regional Training Institute of the Comptroller & Auditor General Office has published a Guidance on audit of corporate governance of public sector undertakings
  • Research on the subject of internal audit effectiveness and measuring impact of internal audit in uncertain times for leading bodies such as IIA Research Foundation, India
  • Contributing research paper on the subject of Integrated Reporting to a leading accounting body
  • Contributing training presentations on various subjects such as Internal Auditing, Standards of Internal Auditing, etc at professional forums
  • Training on Risk Based Auditing in accredited programs of Auditng Standards Board of Nepal
  • Master Classes on subjects of Risk Management, Internal Auditing, COSO, etc
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