Internal And Statutory Audit

Our assurance solutions are geared towards protecting organisations from reputational and compliance exposures. Our in-depth review approach covering financial statement line-item checks, scrutiny of underlying financial reporting procedures and comprehensive stakeholder disclosures re-assures owners and investors.

In current competitive and rapid business scenario, generally the priority of the management is on-boarding business opportunities, fast execution and realisation of cash. In such situations internal controls and efficiency aspects generally take a back seat. A timely and ongoing Statutory and Internal Audit can reveal process and efficiency gaps that can assist the management in developing a solid foundation.

When organisations undertake a rigorous Statutory and Internal Audit exercise which is globally regarded as an assurance activity they begin to realise that the basics of control environment are missing and that they need some time to build a solid foundation as far as their policy and procedure framework is concerned.

We advise businesses to first conduct a detailed business process review exercise which can discover all system, process and foundational gaps and provide an opportunity to the business heads to remediate and treat the control weaknesses. Thereafter, launch an on-going quarterly monitoring and auditing initiative. This ensures that the Statutory and Internal Audit exercise meets its specific objectives of monitoring efficiency in operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with internal and external requirements.

Tax Accountant & Consultant

JHS is committed to simplify the complexities in the ever changing tax accountant environment. JHS assists clients in fulfilling their diverse set of Direct, GST and International taxation needs. Our team of professionals are well versed with the granularity of tax laws and sector specific issues which enables them to dispense well researched, diligent and smart advice to clients on routine, complex and emerging regulatory and compliance requirements. After all simplicity enables quicker and effective implementation of tax solutions. The practical advice brought by our team keeping in line the technical specifications bring values for enterprises in anticipation of needs of today, and of tomorrow. Our inclusive tax advice assists enterprises to take cohesive business decisions with confidence.

Book Keeping, Accounting & Loan Staff Arrangement

When you do not have to focus on the little details of business, it becomes possible to create big ideas. At JHS, our Outsourcing services are geared to help clients to do exactly that. Our team of experts provides solutions like outsourced functional capabilities, people Secondment and business support capabilities allowing businesses to focus on their core activity and dream bigger, always

Our expert team comprises of seasoned players from the domain of Book-keeping, Tax Accountant and Tax Consultant with years of experience from various industries.

We offer secured environment and time bound delivery.  We aim that each return is proceeded to the point of only final review is needed. We work with various Tax software’s and have attained proficiency in Tax software such as Drake, Lacerte. We are assisting Tax preparers and CA/CPA firms since 2004. Offshore and onsite services during crucial peak months year on year.

Standard Terms of Business

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